About Us

The Human Resource Department

The Human Resource section is one of the main support sections under the Registry. The section undertakes the following:

  • Facilitate the selection and recruitment process, promotion and transfer/reposting of staff
  • Maintain and update personal records of all staff
  • Provide general support services to all staff
  • Relates with other departments and units as far as staff are concerned
  • Facilitates compensation, salary, retirements and other benefits administration in conjunction with the Director of Finance

Human Resource Staff


Iddrisu, M.T

Snr. Asst. Registrar/Head

Ph.D (Univ. of Leicester, UK), M.Ed. (IIU,Malaysia), B.A. (UG., Accra, Gh.)


Yussif, A

Assistant Registrar

M.B.A., B.A. (UG, Accra, Gh.)


Bawah, A. K

Assistant Registrar

BA, MA (Ghana)